Right from its start in 1987, JazzKlubben's goal has been to sell and promote good music, particularly music which may not receive attention from the news media. Musically speaking, the foundation is jazz, not only as a style but also as the  nerve - for today jazz is the nerve, even the backbone, of a near-endless variety of good music. JazzKlubben offers a varied and interesting selection of music - Danish as well as international, both stars and the  well-kept secrets.
As a member of JazzKlubben you will receive our magazine six times a year. You are thus able to read about the CD of the month at your leisure, as well as 40-70 other CDs. There is no obligation to  buy and you only have to remember to cancel the CD of the month, if you do not wish to receive it.
That CD is always a Danish one for, in this age of the mass media, we hold it important to pay special attention to  our own excellent, homegrown musicians.

The annual membership fee is DKK 150.00.

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