Thomas Agergaard
Little Machines





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 STXCD 20312

 Thomas Agergaard 'Little Machines'
JAZZPAR 2002 octet

Thomas Agergaard's contribution to the 2002 JAZZPAR concerts is among the most controversial in the history of the event. Part of the audience were elated, some more or less harangued him. There is no doubt that Agergaard's music touched something.

In collaboration with the JAZZPAR committee, Agergaard brought together a group of distiguished local and foreign capacities for the concerts. In the spirit of the JAZZPAR project some were well-known, others not. Agergaard created the compositions on the coast of the Danish North Sea, far from any distractions. Back in Copenhagen, the orchestra spent three days rehearsing the music.

At the four JAZZPAR concerts, where Agergaard's octet opened the program, the result was a deeply personal statement and a surprising experience for some – not least due to vocalist Geraldine Keller's powerful performances.

Geraldine Keller (vocal) • Thomas Agergaard (tenor sax) • Peter Fuglsang (sax / bass clarinet) • Klaus Lφhrer (bass trombone / tuba) • Hank Roberts (cello) • Krister Jonsson (guitar) • Miroslav Vitous (bass) • Jim Black (drums)